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Baldur's Gate

, Baldur.ini . Cheats=1 [Game Options] entry. . Ctrl + Tab . , . Ctrl + Tab . , , Enter .

Cheats:TheGreatGonzo() , ;

Cheats:FirstAid() , , , stone to flesh;

Cheats:Midas() 500 ;

Cheats:CowKill() CowKill, ;

Cheats:DrizztAttacks() Drizzt'a;

Cheats:DrizztDefends() Drizzt'a;

Cheats:CriticalItems() critical items ;

Cheats:Hans() free adjacent area;


CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("8900") 8 900;

CLUAConsole:CreateItem(" xxx") "", "" .

LUAConsole:CreateCreature("yyy") "yyy", "yyy" NPC'. : CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Ray") gibberling, CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Khalid") Khalid'.

, , , . , (Jaheira "Jaheir" ).


AMUL01 Necklace of Missiles

AMUL02 Necklace

AMUL04 Studded Necklace with Zios Gems

AMUL05 Bluestone Necklace

AMUL06 Agni Mani Necklace

AMUL07 Rainbow Obsidian Necklace

AMUL08 Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace

AMUL09 Silver Necklace

AMUL10 Gold Necklace

AMUL11 Pearl Necklace

AMUL12 Laeral's Tear Necklace (3000 gp)

AMUL13 Bloodstone Amulet

AMUL14 Amulet of Protection +1

AMUL15 Shield Amulet

AMUL16 Amulet of Metaspell Influence (+1 2nd level spell)

AROW01 Arrow

AROW02 Arrow +1

AROW03 Arrow of Slaying

AROW04 Acid Arrow

AROW05 Arrow of Biting

AROW06 Arrow of Detonation

AROW07 Arrow or Dispelling

AROW08 Arrow of Fire

AROW09 Arrow of Ice

AROW10 Arrow of Piercing

AROW11 Arrow +2

AROW1A Arrow +2 (different graphic)

AX1H01 Battle Axe

AX1H02 Battle Axe +1

AX1H03 Battle Axe +2

AX1H04 Throwing Axe

AX1H05 Throwing Axe +2

BELT01 Girdle

BELT02 Golden Girdle

BELT03 Girdle of Bluntness

BELT04 Girdle of Piercing

BELT05 Girdle of Sex Change

BLUN01 Club

BLUN02 Flail

BLUN03 Flail +1

BLUN04 Mace

BLUN05 Mace +1

BLUN06 Morning Star

BLUN07 Morning Star +1

BOLT01 Bolt

BOLT02 Bolt +1

BOLT03 Bolt of Lightning

BOLT04 Bolt of Biting

BOLT05 Bolt of Polymorphing

BOLT06 Bolt +2

BOOK01 Magical Book

BOOK02 Spell Book

BOOK03 +1 con

BOOK04 +1 str

BOOK05 +1 dex

BOOK06 +1 int

BOOK07 +1 chr

BOOK08 +1 wis

BOOK09 Normal Book

BOOT01 Boots of Speed

BOOT02 Boots of Stealth

BOOT03 Boots of the North

BOOT04 Boots of Avoidance

BOOT05 Boots of Grounding

BOW01 Composite Long Bow

BOW02 Composite Long Bow +1

BOW03 Long Bow

BOW04 Long Bow +1

BOW05 Short Bow

BOW06 Short Bow +1

BOW07 Long Bow of Marksmanship

BOW08 Eagle Bow

BRAC01 Bracers of Defense AC 8

BRAC02 Bracers of Defense AC 7

BRAC03 Bracers of Defense AC 6

BRAC04 Bracers of Archery

BRAC05 Bracers

BRAC06 Gauntlets of Ogre Power

BRAC07 Gauntlets of Dexterity

BRAC08 Gauntlets of Fumbling

BRAC09 Gauntlets of Weapon Skill

BRAC10 Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise

BULL01 Bullet

BULL02 Bullet +1

BULL03 Bullet +2

CHAN01 Chainmail

CHAN02 Chainmail +1

CHAN03 Chainmail +2

CHAN04 Splint Mail

CHAN05 Splint Mail +1

CHAN06 Mithril Chain Mail +4

CLCK01 Cloak of Protection +1

CLCK02 Cloak of Protection +2

CLCK03 Cloak of Displacement

CLCK04 Cloak of the Wolf

CLCK05 Cloak of Balduran

CLCK06 Cloak of Non-Detection

CLCK07 Nymph Cloak

DAGG01 Dagger

DAGG02 Dagger +1

DAGG03 Dagger +2

DAGG04 Dagger +2, Longtooth

DAGG05 Throwing Dagger

DART01 Dart

DART02 Dart +1

DART03 Dart of Stunning

DART04 Dart of Wounding

HALB01 Halberd

HALB02 Halberd +1

HALB03 Halberd +2

HAMM01 War Hammer

HAMM02 War Hammer +1

HAMM03 War hammer +2

HELM01 Helmet

HELM02 Helm of Opposite Alignment

HELM03 Helm of Glory

HELM04 Helm of Defense

HELM05 Helm of Infravision

HELM06 Helm of Charm Protection

HELM07 Helm of Balduran

LEAT01 Leather Armor

LEAT02 Leather Armor +1

LEAT03 Leather Armor +2

LEAT04 Studded Leather Armor

LEAT05 Studded Leather Armor +1

LEAT06 Studded Leather Armor +2, missile attraction

LEAT07 Studded Leather Armor +2

LEAT08 Shadow Armor

MISC01 Winter Wolf Pelt

MISC07 Gold Piece

MISC12 Ankheg Shell

MISC13 Samuel (body)

MISC16 Fire Agate Gem

MISC17 Lynx Eye Gem

MISC18 Sunstone Gem

MISC19 Turquoise Gem

MISC20 Bloodstone Gem

MISC21 Skydrop Gem

MISC22 Andar Gem

MISC23 Jasper Gem

MISC24 Tchazar Gem

MISC2 Zircon Gem

MISC26 Iol Gem

MISC27 Moonstone Gem

MISC28 Waterstar Gem

MISC29 Ziose Gem

MISC30 Chrysoberyl Gem

MISC31 Star Diopside Gem

MISC32 Shandon Gem

MISC33 Aquamarine Gem

MISC34 Garnet Gem

MISC35 Horn Coral Gem

MISC36 Pearl

MISC37 Sphene Gem

MISC38 Black Opal

MISC39 Water Opal

MISC40 Moonbar Gem

MISC41 Star Saphire(sic)

MISC42 Diamond

MISC43 Emerald

MISC44 Kings Tears

MISC45 Rogue Stone

MISC47 Golden Pantaloons

MISC48 Idol

MISC49 Melicamp the Chicken

MISC50 Skull

MISC51 Lock of Nymph's Hair

MISC52 Wyvern Head

MISC53 Bowl of Water Elemental Control

MISC54 Child's Body

MISC55 Duke Eltan's Body

MISC56 Broken Weapon

MISC57 Broken Shield

MISC58 Broken Armor

MISC59 Broken Miscellaneous

MISC60 Spider Body

MISC61 Bottle of Wine

MISC62 Dead Cat

MISC63 Chew Toy

MISC64 Telescope

MISC69 Helshara's Artifact Fragment

MISC70 Delorna's Statue

MISC72 The Claw of Kazgaroth

MISC73 The Horn of Kazgaroth

MISC74 The Candle

MISC79 Female Body

MISC80 Male Body

MISC83 Key to River Plug


MISC85 Mulahey's Holy Symbol

MISC86 Bandit Scalp

MISC87 Contaminated Iron

MISC88 Rabbit's Foot

PLAT01 Plate Mail Armor

PLAT02 Plate Mail +1

PLAT04 Full Plate Mail

PLAT05 Full Plate Mail +1

PLAT06 Ankheg Plate Mail

POTN02 Potion of Fire Resistance

POTN03 Potion of Hill Giant Strength

POTN04 Potion of Frost Giant Strength

POTN05 Potion of Fire Giant Strength

POTN06 Potion of Cloud Giant Strength

POTN07 Potion of Storm Giant Strength

POTN08 Potion of Healing

POTN09 Potion of Heroism

POTN10 Potion of Invisibility

POTN11 Potion of Invulnerability

POTN12 Potion of Stone Giant Strength

POTN13 Oil of Firey Burning

POTN14 Oil of Speed

POTN15 Red Potion

POTN16 Violet Potion

POTN17 Elixir of Health

POTN18 Potion of Absorption

POTN19 Potion of Agility

POTN20 Antidote

POTN21 Potion of Clarity

POTN22 Potion of Cold Resistance

POTN23 Oil of Speed

POTN24 Potion of Defense

POTN25 Potion of Healing

POTN26 Potion of Explosions

POTN27 Potion of Firebreath

POTN28 Potion of Fortitude

POTN29 Potion of Genius

POTN30 Potion of Infravision

POTN31 Potion of Insulation

POTN32 Antidote

POTN33 Potion of Magic Blocking

POTN34 Potion of Magic Protection

POTN35 Potion of Magic Shielding

POTN36 Potion of Master Thievery

POTN37 Potion of Mind Focusing

POTN38 Potion of Mirrored Eyes

POTN39 Potion of Perception

POTN40 Potion of Invulnerability

POTN41 Potion of Power

POTN42 Potion of Regeneration

POTN43 Potion of Insight

POTN44 Potion of Strength

POTN45 Potion of Freedom

POTN46 Potion of Stone Form

RING01 Ring

RING02 Ring of Fire Resistance

RING03 Ring of Animal Friendship

RING04 Ring of Clumsiness

RING05 Ring of Invisibility

RING06 Ring of Protection +1

RING07 Ring of Protection +2

RING08 Ring of Wizardry

RING09 Ring of Free Action

RING10 Gold Ring

RING11 Silver Ring

RING12 Onyx Ring

RING13 Jade Ring

RING14 Greenstone Ring

RING15 Bloodstone Ring

RING16 Angel Skin Ring

RING17 Flamedance Ring

RING18 Fire Opal Ring

RING19 Ruby Ring

RING20 Ring of Energy

RING21 Ring of Infravision

RING22 Ring of Holiness

RING23 Ring of Folly

SCRL02 Spell Scroll

SCRL03 Protection from Acid

SCRL04 Protection from Cold

SCRL05 Protection from Electricity

SCRL06 Protection from Fire

SCRL07 Protection from Magic

SCRL08 Protection from Poison

SCRL09 Protection from Undead

SCRL10 Cursed Scroll of Weakness

SCRL15 Protection from Petrification

SCRL18 Cursed Scroll of Stupidity

SCRL1B Agannazar's Scorcher

SCRL1C Ghoul Touch

SCRL1D Clairvoyance

SCRL1E Dispel Magic

SCRL1F Flame Arrow

SCRL1G Fireball

SCRL1H Haste

SCRL1I Hold Person

SCRL1K Lightning Bolt

SCRL1L Monster Summoning I

SCRL1M Non-Detection

SCRL1N Protection from Normal Missiles


SCRL1P Skull Trap

SCRL1Q Vampiric Touch

SCRL1R Wraith Form

SCRL1S Dire Charm

SCRL1T Ghost Armor

SCRL1U Confusion

SCRL1V Dimension Door

SCRL1Y Improved Invisibility

SCRL1Z Minor Globe of Invulnerability

SCRL2A Monster Summoning II

SCRL2D Animate Dead

SCRL2E Cloudkill

SCRL2F Cone of Cold

SCRL2G Monster Summoning III

SCRL2H Shadow Door

SCRL2I Letter

SCRL2J Letter

SCRL3D Letter

SCRL56 Cure Serious Wounds

SCRL58 Free Action

SCRL59 Neutralize Poison

SCRL61 Cure Critical Wounds

SCRL62 Flame Strike

SCRL63 Raise Dead

SCRL66 Grease

SCRL67 Armor

SCRL68 Burning Hands

SCRL69 Charm Person

SCRL70 Color Spray

SCRL71 Blindness

SCRL72 Friends

SCRL73 Protection from Petrification

SCRL75 Identify

SCRL76 Infravision

SCRL77 Magic Missile

SCRL78 Protection from Evil

SCRL79 Shield

SCRL80 Shocking Grasp

SCRL81 Sleep

SCRL82 Chill Touch

SCRL83 Chromatic Orb

SCRL84 Larloch's Minor Drain

SCRL85 Blur

SCRL86 Detect Evil

SCRL87 Detect Invisibility

SCRL89 Horror

SCRL90 Invisibility

SCRL91 Knock

SCRL92 Know Alignment

SCRL93 Luck

SCRL94 Resist Fear

SCRL95 Melf's Acid Arrow

SCRL96 Mirror Image

SCRL97 Stinking Cloud

SCRL98 Strength

SCRL99 Web

SHLD01 Small Shield

SHLD02 Small Shield +1

SHLD03 Medium Shield

SHLD04 Medium Shield +1

SHLD05 Large Shield

SHLD06 Large Shield +1

SHLD07 Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles

SHLD08 Buckler

SHLD09 Buckler

SHLD10 Buckler

SHLD11 Small Shield

SHLD12 Small Shield

SHLD13 Medium Shield

SHLD14 Medium Shield

SHLD15 Large Shield

SHLD16 Large Shield

SLNG01 Sling

SLNG02 Sling +1

SPER01 Spear

SPER02 Spear +1

SPER03 Spear +3, Backbiter

STAF01 Quarterstaff

STAF02 Quarterstaff +1

SW1H01 Bastard Sword

SW1H02 Bastard Sword +1

SW1H03 Bastard Sword +1, Shapeshifters

SW1H04 Long Sword

SW1H05 Long Sword +1

SW1H06 Long Sword +2

SW1H07 Short Sword

SW1H08 Short Sword +1

SW1H09 Short Sword +2

SW1H10 Short Sword of Backstabbing

SW1H13 Moonblade

SW1H15 Scimitar +3, Frostbrand

SW2H01 Two Handed Sword

SW2H02 Two Handed Sword +1

SW2H03 Two Handed Sword, Berserking

SW2H06 Spider's Bane

WAND02 Wand of Fear

WAND03 Wand of Magic Missiles

WAND04 Wand of Paralyzation

WAND05 Wand of Fire

WAND06 Wand of Frost

WAND07 Wand of Lightning

WAND08 Wand of Sleep

WAND09 Wand of Polymorphing

WAND10 Wand of Monster Summoning

WAND11 Wand of the Heavens

XBOW01 Heavy Crossbow

XBOW02 Heavy Crossbow +1

XBOW03 Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy

XBOW04 Light Crossbow

XBOW05 Light Crossbow +1

XBOW06 Light Crossbow of Speed

BOOK** 10 64. " ". , .

BOOK** 65 67. Waterdeep' !

BOOK68 History of the Nether Scrolls.

BOOK70 Yago's book of curses.

BOOTDRIZ Boots of speed.

CLCK12 Knave's Robe.

CLCK13 Traveller's Robe.

CLCK14 Adventure's Robe.

CLCK15 Robe of the Good Archmagi.

CLCK16 Robe of the Neutral Archmagi.

CLCK1 7 Robe of the Evil Archmagi.

CLCK** 18 19. , 12-15.

DAGG06 Nesters Dagger.

DAGG07 Kylee's Dagger.

DAGG08 Kylee's Dagger.

MAGE01 Ring of Invisibility.

MAGE02 Barkskin.

MAGE03 Mirror Image Ring.

MAGE04 Blur Ring.

MAGE05 Ring of Free Action.

MAGE06 Ring of Free Action.

MISC65 Brage's body.

MISC68 Abela the Nymph dead.

SW1H16 Scimitar +3, +2 armor Defender aka Twinkle.

SW1H17 Perdue's short sword.

RING25 Koveras Ring of Protection.

RING94 Ring.

RING95 Ring.

RING96 Ring.

RING99 Ring.

SCRL** .

SCRLJALA Geas removal scroll.

SCRLPET Stone to Flesh.


Flame Flaming Fist;

Angelo Angelo

Guard regular guard;

Droth Ogre Mage;

Flamwiz Flaming Fist battl wizard;

Flam* Flaming Fist;

Flma13 Dilos;

Drizzt Drizzt;

Elmins Elminster.

, . CLUAConsole:AddGold("xxx") , xxx

CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() . .

CTRL + J jump to Mouse Cursor;

CTRL + B ;

CTRL + S animation sequence;

CTRL + A animation sequence;

CTRL + D ;

CTRL + F turn around.

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